a. Unit Perancang Ekonomi. Tenth Malaysia Plan, 2011-2015 / Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department. Putrajaya, Malaysia. 2010 NRM

Mine the Gap


This topic introduces mined commodities in Malaysia and sheds light on how these products have been important in shaping the socio –economic landscape in Malaysia. Fossil fuels are presented and their contribution to Malaysian economy explored.

Completion Requirements

  • Explore all topic, themes and concepts
  • Read the core texts identified in the Books section

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify Malaysia’s primary commodities
  • Characterise resource use within Malaysia
  • Summarise processes and linkages between natural resources and Malaysian economy
  • Recognise processes affecting Malaysia and the Earth at different temporal and spatial scales
  • Understand implications of natural resource use in the medium to long term.




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